How to Read Comics Show Notes

Issue #1 – Comic Shame

Thanks for listening to our first issue! We have lots in store to help guide y’all into the world of comics so subscribe to the Overthink feed and enjoy!

Below we’ve curated some specific suggestions broken down by the era of comics. Yes those names are what comics nerds actually call those periods.

Also, go to your local library and check out a comic that sounds interesting. Or, be brave we know you can do it, visit your local comic book shop! Here’s some quick recommendations:

  • “Understanding Comics” by Scott McCloud
  • Anything by Brian K Vaughn
  • “Bitch Planet” by Kelly Sue Deconick
  • “American Born Chinese” by Gene Luen Yang
  • “Failing Sky” by Scout Tran Caffee

If you want to read comic books on your iOS or Android device see the links below.

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Nick & Jason

Comic Book Eras & Samples

Pre-Golden Age Comics

Krazy Kat–classic-comics-graphic-novels.jpg

Little Nemo

Bayeux Tapestry (world’s oldest comic?):

Golden Age Comics (1938-1954)

Action Comics 1:

Detective Comics 27:

Whiz Comics 2:

Silver Age Comics (1956 – early 70s)

Amazing Fantasy 15:

Showcase 22:

X-men 1:

Bronze Age (early 70s – 1985)

The Amazing Spider-Man 121:

Giant Size X-Men 1:

Green Lantern/Green Arrow #1:

Modern Age (1985 – current)

Batman: Dark Knight Returns 1:

Miracle Man 1

Wolverine 1

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